Four and a half years ago I was a clever accounting manager in a big Brisbane public accounting firm. I lead a small team of accountants and was my partner’s right hand girl. I really loved my clients and enjoyed seeing them grow and succeed year on year. However I felt really underutilized, under-appreciated, overlooked and stressed. I yearned for independence and scope to help my clients bloom that was more than doing their Income Tax Return and Business Activity Statement. I thought, there’s more to life, and business success, than this!

So I quit my job and started a bookkeeping business. Why a bookkeeping business, not an accounting business? Because the corporate life left me shattered, deflated and demoralized. Also I thought that bookkeeping was a way to get closer to my clients and really help them at the coal-face of their businesses.

My clients were asking me tax questions that, although I could answer, I wasn’t allowed to answer because of government and professional association regulations. “That’s it!” I thought in frustration. “I need to get my tax agent registration and the CPA Public Practice Certificate so that I can legally give my clients the answers they want and need.” So that’s what I did, and it was a lot easier than I thought. So now I offer my clients the full suite of accounting and tax services they want.

I share my knowledge and advice to help women business owners achieve their dream business and go on to bigger and better achievements.

Small Business Know How are not your general bean counters. In fact we don’t count much at all really. We have worked in commerce and public accounting offices as bookkeeper, accountant, Chief Executive Officer, manager, team manager and owner/principal. Therefore we have seen business from all angles.

What we do is help you manage your business, not just your accounting function. We will be your Virtual CEO. When we started our business, guess what? We faced exactly the same problems and challenges you do. This gives us a deep understanding of the tasks and problems that all business owners have at the coal face.


When you come on board with us you’ll see real practical benefits, such as:

  • Prompt (within 24 hours) response to your questions. We know you can’t afford to sit around waiting for answers when you want and need them now. After all, your customers want prompt service, so you deserve prompt service too.
  • Fixed Price Agreement contracts – no surprises at the end of the year. You can budget for your accounting and compliance and have the comfort of knowing you can call or email at any time and not have the clock ticking and building up a huge bill.
  • We do business in the cloud so you can have real time answers and reports at the touch of a button. We really love Xero and Receipt Bank.
  • We visit you at your business or home, or even over a coffee at your favourite café, so there are no treks into the city to meet with us.
  • Mentoring and coaching in best practice business operations. We help you develop systems and procedures that will make your business hum. This is an important feature of building an asset you can sell.

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