Most of our clients like to use our fixed price agreement offering for a bespoke combination of their tax compliance and accounting needs. This means that you have a bundle of services for the year and pay a monthly instalment in advance. Added to that is the comfort and security of our “Live Advisor” services, where you can call or email us a few times a month and it’s included in the price of the bundle. That way, you’re not worried about asking those niggling questions that keep you awake at night and getting an unexpected bill for it.
Initially we meet at a Proactive Accounting Meeting (PAM) where we discuss your plans and goals and how we can help you to achieve those. Then we discuss what you want and need to develop a bundle for you. There is no standard agreement because your business is unique and deserves to be treated that way. So, you won’t see any standard menu and prices here.

These are the accounting services we offer:

Bookkeeping and Payroll Service – You will no longer have to struggle over your weekly/monthly accounting and payroll preparation. Using Xero our talented and efficient bookkeepers will take care of all the mundane tasks you loath and let you get on with attending to what you excel at and what’s important to you.
Annual Financial Statements – Before we complete your annual Business Income Tax Return we prepare annual Financial Statements which include the business Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement for the year to 30 June. From these reports we prepare your annual income tax return. They are a valuable report for your business which report the profit on which you will pay tax, the financial wealth of the business, or book value of the business and how much cash the business received and spent during the year.
Cash Flow Report, An Analysis of Where Your Money Came From and Where It Went – this is an analysis that shows just where money came from during the year and where it went to. And we do this in a graphical way so that it is easy for you to see how the government still has their hand out for their share when you may not have any money in the bank. (But we will be working together to ensure this is never the case.)
Monthly or Quarterly Management Reports – with this option you will receive a set of management reports during the year, which gives important information about how your business is operating during the year. We can configure these however you want to highlight your KPIs and how you like to see your reports. This will give you the chance to make changes during the rest of the year if necessary.
Help and Advice When You Want It – For those with a Fixed Price Agreement (FPA) with us, we will advise you on ad hoc enquiries by phone or email when the need arises for you. You don’t have to worry about the clock ticking – it’s included in your service. This is subject to the understanding that if an occasion of service exceeds 15 minutes, you will be charged, but only after we have consulted with you and only if you feel that you got value from the consultation. Also, if your question requires additional work, research and analysis beyond the consultation, or you need a service that is outside our agreement that work will be subject to a change order for your consideration and acceptance before work on the issue begins.
Taxation Audit Protection – With a Taxation Audit Insurance Policy purchased from our trusted supplier you will not incur any professional costs from us if you are selected for taxation audit. And we will cover up to $10,000 of specialist legal advice as part of your service. You will of course, be liable for any tax or penalties that arise from an audit.
Guaranteed Response Time to Return Your Telephone Calls – If for some reason your account manager is not able to take your call and no one else is able to immediately assist you, your call will be returned before the end of the next working day.

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