Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning 


Starting with the End in Mind

When you started out in business, what type of entity did you register for your business? If you’re like many people you just registered a business name under your personal name, i.e. you’re a sole trader. However this business structure may be the worst possible way to own your business. You may be leaving yourself wide open to paying a lot of tax. Also you may not be able to gain the best advantage when selling your business. Talk to us today to get an assessment of your business structure and how to minimise risk.

However, if you do need to change structure, it’s not the end of the world. We advised one particular client, to remain as a sole-trader for a period of time so that the accumulated tax losses in previous years could be used before transitioning to a company. It’s all in the timing and we can help you with that.

Intellectual Property

You may not realise the intellectual property you have in your business. Your systems and procedures, for two, are your intellectual property. One of the worst problems a business faces is building your brand but not protecting it with a Trademark. Even worse is finding that someone else has beaten you to it – they own the trademark that you want. Have you protected your intellectual property?

One of the first questions a prospective buyer of your business will ask is whether the brand is protected. A registered trademark can add great value to your business.

Business Planning

This is essential for every business owner. It is all about starting with the end in mind and being serious about your endeavour. If you want bank finance to get your business up and going, or to expand, your financier will require a business plan. There is the easy way to go about compiling a business plan, and there is the hard way. We can show you the easy way, with our handy templates and guides that will make the job easy.

Asset Protection

Reaping the rewards of your work and ingenuity

In order to retire in comfort and use your retirement assets effectively, you’ve got to protect your assets. Risk protection strategies are imperative. You may not realise that you are putting your assets at risk because you are so busy doing your everyday tasks. Also, some professions and industries are more exposed to litigation than others. We can review your asset protection strategies and steer you on a course of wealth accumulation and risk minimization.

Ask yourself these questions to determine your exposure:

  • Have you got adequate insurances in place?
  • If so, who owns the policies and what would the payout be in event of a claim?
  • Are your major assets owned personally?
  • What will happen to your business if something goes wrong?