Most of our clients like to use our fixed price agreement offering for a tailored combination of their tax compliance and accounting needs. This means that you have a bundle of services for the year and pay a monthly instalment in advance. Added to that is the comfort and security of our “Live Advisor” services, where you can call or email us a few times a month and it’s included in the price of the bundle. That way, you’re not worried about asking those niggling questions that keep you awake at night and getting an unexpected bill for it.
Initially we meet at a Proactive Accounting Meeting (PAM) where we discuss you plans and goals and how we can help you to achieve those. Then we discuss what you want and need to develop a bundle for you. There is no standard agreement because your business is unique and deserves to be treated that way. So, you won’t see any standard menu and prices here.

These are the tax compliance services we offer:

Business Activity Statement and Instalment Activity Statement Lodgement

We will prepare and electronically lodge your BAS and/or IAS. This will give you access to our extended lodgement deadline meaning better cash flow.

Income Tax Return

We prepare and lodge income tax returns for sole traders, partnerships, companies or trusts. We will discuss when is the best time to lodge your return to allow for your cash flow and changes to PAYG tax instalments.

Year-End Tax Planning Review

We agree, no one likes paying taxes. So that your share is fair and equitable (or, so that you pay no more and no less than what you must), we will do everything we can to minimise your tax within the law. So that you avoid the need for last-minute tax strategies, you will have your options reviewed in the last quarter of the financial year.

Taxation Audit Protection

If, in the unlikely event, you are subject to a tax or GST audit by the Australian Taxation Office, having audit insurance ensures you will not incur any professional costs from us if you are selected for taxation audit. And we will cover up to $10,000 of specialist legal advice as part of your service. You will of course, be liable for any tax or penalties that arise from an audit. Ask us how you can buy ATO tax audit insurance from our trusted supplier.

Guaranteed Turnaround Time for your Work of 20 Working Days or Less

We guarantee your work will be completed within 20 working days of you providing all materials to us (provided all requested and required information is provided to us within 5 days of our contacting you). This will enable you to make proactive decision, rather than reacting to historical data. If we fail to deliver on our promise we will pay you $50 for every day the work is not completed in the time frame. This is our guarantee to you.

Guaranteed Response Time to Return Your Telephone Calls

If for some reason your account manager is not able to take your call and no one else is able to immediately assist you, your call will be returned before the end of the next working day.

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